Young blogger kicked out of a car dealership for “being too poor”, gets sweet “revenge”

Young blogger kicked out of a car dealership for “being too poor”, gets sweet “revenge”

James Belanger is a 27-year old blogger from Toronto who considers himself a true “gearhead”. Whenever he’s not working, or spending time with his girlfriend, he is writing blog posts about cars. Having heard that the new Tesla Model 3 just hit the markets, he decided to visit a local car dealership. “I wanted to see the car up close, so I decided to pay the local dealership a visit”, James explains.

After finishing his review of the Model 3, James moved onto the Audi R8, one of his dream cars. However, he was soon approached by a salesman who asked him if he can afford the deposit on such a car. “I was stunned by his question, but what shocked me even more was his attitude”. James tried to explain that he writes car reviews and that he would gladly promote the dealership if they let him browse a bit more. But instead, the salesman said he was “too poor to even look at those cars” and called security which escorted him out of the building.

“I was so infuriated that I wrote a negative review of the dealership and the most unprofessional salesman I ever met. It was a good way to blow off some steam. However, I lost my motivation after that incident and neglected the blog.”


The car dealership from which James was kicked out for “being too poor”

Two weeks later, James was hit by a major surprise. “A friend of mine called me and said that a startup we invested in a long time ago just got a new project and its stocks skyrocketed, earning us a small fortune.”

He thought on how to spend the money, considering treating his girlfriend and himself with something nice. “As I was sitting on my balcony, suddenly an R8 drove by, igniting again the gearhead in me. I immediately knew what to do.”

He went back to the same car dealership from which he was kicked out earlier. But this time, he dressed like a businessman. “The moment I got in, I was greeted by the manager, who offered his assistance. I told him I was interested in the R8 and he gladly took me to it”.


After years of dreaming, James finally bought his favorite car, the R8

After James made his decision to buy the car, the manager called one of his assistants to do the paperwork. “I looked up and there he was. The guy who threw me out earlier. But he didn’t recognize me and this time, he was as pleasant as he could be. The assistant asked me if I needed help filling the form, but I told him he already made clear that I am too poor to talk to him and that I shouldn’t waste his time. He was speechless. The manager, visibly upset, took over and told the assistant to wait him in the office while we finished the form”.

When James dropped by the dealership a few days later, the rude assistant was nowhere to be found. “It seems he was fired. I have to admit I do feel a bit sorry for him, but when I think about, he only got what was coming to him. Karma can be cruel at times.”

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